Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NBC Nightly News and SPPRAK

It has been a week since our SPPRAK Pack national debut on the NBC Nightly News. In case you missed it here is the link: nbcnews.com, and some additional footage from their website that didn't make the news but includes interviews worth watching: nbcnews.com web only video clip. When we started this project we did not know that it would gain national attention. It was just something simple to get students and staff  involved in acts of kindness. Teachers, principals and students alike have gotten on board the Be Part of the SPPRAK Pack Program. Simple gestures such as opening a door or tying someone’s shoes for them can change their day and make it brighter. While it is too soon to tell the success our project will have on a broad scale, we know we have made an impact. There is a universal appeal to children being kind. The students that were interviewed, and all that participate daily in the program, are so optimistic, and give us hope for the future. People from across the country (and some from outside our country) have contacted us for additional information. They want the chance to make a difference for the children in their community. What is it they say? And a child shall lead them? Watch the clips and you will hear from Martin, age 6 and a half and one-quarter, why being kind is important. And become part of the SPPRAK Pack! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest Post: Sheri Bertolini

Today we have a guest blogger, our first! Sheri Bertolini of My Intentional Life fame, has kindly agreed to post. Enjoy! .

I’m normally the assistant at work but that day I was in charge of the bookstore. I was spiffing up the displays when three women came in. I greeted them and realized immediately they were different. They were fun, happy, bubbly, and encouraging. We fell into easy conversation and before they left, we had exchanged stories, laughter, business cards, and hopes of seeing each other again.

I had no idea that we’d connect again, in ways I had not imagined.

What I knew of SPPRAK (Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness) was very little, at first. I knew they were on a mission—to change the culture of their community through kindness. They were three women from Terre Haute, Indiana.

I was writing my first book. I had a vision for teaching women how to build a value-based culture in their homes, and then organize it accordingly. I was one woman living in Franklin, Tennessee.

A few tweets, lots of posts, and number of Facebook “likes” later...

My book was about to be published so I did some giveaways as part of my book launch countdown. Robin ended up winning one of my books.

And then I got the email: “Would you consider coming to Terre Haute to do a seminar about your book?” My first invitation! I was thrilled, and had no clue I was about to be “SPPRAKed.” Putting us all together in the same room for a day was like a hope makeover on steroids. I walked away as encouraged as the seminar attendees, because SPPRAK their poured into hearts into all of us.

Four women living in different states, hundreds of miles apart. All doing what we love, pursuing our visions for making a difference. After a few emails, texts, and one Skype conversation, our shared hearts of compassion created a bond that doesn’t require living in the same city. The passion of our joint dream -- to help others -- multiplied instead of doubling.

One plus three doesn’t equal four. Not in God’s kingdom, anyway.

One plus three equals endless opportunity.

Pay attention to chance meetings. Listen to the nudges you find in new connections and friendships. You never know how God may weave hearts and opportunities together that will make a difference for many.

And you.