Monday, February 23, 2015

Be the change you want to see

Do you ever make the mistake of looking at the comment on internet posts? If you don't usually do this, please do not start now. For some reason the internet has given people, normally kind, sweet people, permission to be mean and judgmental. For example, if there is a post regarding a car accident, people will immediately decide that the person was texting and driving. Or speeding, or eating or generally being dangerous. All of which the commentator would NEVER do. A post about a police officer doing something wrong garners more attention than the hundreds of good things they do every day. Another post from a few days ago, a couple arrested for the deplorable condition of their home, their child taken from them, for obvious reasons. Jump on the judgment bandwagon.

Now, we are not saying that people don't speed and cause accidents, no one texts and drives, police are always right and everyone should keep their children. What we are saying is that maybe it is time to stop hiding behind the internet being unkind. All the people who are in the situations above know they are there. Being unkind is never an answer, and it really makes the person making those comments look bad. Not smart, not intellectual, just mean.

If you feel the need to do something when you see these stories you can offer your sympathy, prayers or find a way to actually help. Maybe people are not always what they should be for one reason or another, but that should not change who you are. If you are kind, or want to be then be that kind person. Be the change you want to see, just as the saying goes.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 8 - 15

February 8 through 15 is Random Acts of Kindness Week! Of course, SPPRAK likes to think every week is random acts of kindness week! So lets say just for this week we get intentional about our kindness acts. Lets go out of our way to make kindness happen. We will start out easy with a couple of free and easy suggestions:

Smile, that's right, smile. At everyone. Today. You might even add a hi how are you to the mix, but it is not required. Just a simple, friendly, sincere smile. You are doing it right now aren't you? Don't you feel better? Now, go spread that around! The world could use a smile or two from you!

Next, open a door for someone. “Let me get that”, you say. Young, old, male or female, your act of kindness will be a hit.

Ask someone how they are doing and actually listen to them. Not the hurried, that's good kind of listening but the kind and caring listen. You might be just the one to change their day!

Say thank you.

Say please

Hug a friend

Pet a dog

Lend a hand.

None of these cost much, money wise, at the same time they are powerful reminders of kindness. Not all worth can be tallied by money, kindness is like that. The importance is in the ability to effect those we don't even know.

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