Friday, March 20, 2015

Spread Some Sunshine Today

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were being bullied, or having trouble making friends at a new place? These are interesting questions because they take the power from others and place it back in your hands. Have you heard the inspiring story about the boy who opened doors? Here is the Youtube link: Josh - opening doors and hearts while you may or may not agree with everything in the video at its core it is a story about a boy who decided to change his circumstances by performing a random act of kindness. More than opening doors the story shows that you can take a simple idea and just run with it. Acts of kindness have the power to change our life along with others.  

What if instead of complaining about your job and coworkers you took an entire week and said only positive things. The place where you spend a significant amount of time would be a great place to spread a little happiness, its free to smile, ask someone how they are today and open a door for them as well!

Today is International Happiness Day, spread some sunshine of your own today even if you have to wear that brightly colored rain hat to do it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Passing On Happy Feelings

Well, St Patrick's Day has come and gone! Listening to the radio yesterday morning the announcer was talking about how St Patrick was not Irish, started out as dressed in blue and instead of parades and green beer the holiday started as a quite religious holiday! Seems the way we celebrate St Patrick's Day is pretty far from that now doesn't it?

How often does that happen in our lives, we start out with one intention and suddenly something else ends up happening. Kindness is like that, you see an opportunity to be kind. It may be something simple such as opening a door, or sharing an encouraging smile. It may be helping an elderly neighbor or co-worker. The kindness that you meant to encourage someone else ends up making your day brighter as well. Hopefully your St Patrick's Day was full of fun, there is nothing like a mid-week holiday to bring down our stress level!

Even though the holiday has come and gone we can celebrate kindness everyday and keep passing on the happy feelings. Oh, and about that leprechaun's hat, don't you wonder what he would look like with one of our bright crochet hats? Green of course!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hats off to kindness!

Tuesday blog! Hats off to kindness! Why would you put a hat on anyway?

Well the bright crochet ones that we are giving away will certainly be smile starters. Pop a bright hat on, put your smile on and out the door you go. Isn't it crazy the power of a smile? It can put people at ease, it can start a conversation, it shows that we are happy, we understand and are friendly. That's all pretty amazing, and it doesn't cost a thing! Sometimes we get caught up in trying to come up with monumental acts of kindness when we all have this amazing power to change someone’s day with us constantly. A little smile goes a long way!

Lucky Leprechaun day! Ok, well St Patrick’s Day! Who was this St Patrick and 
why do we have a day devoted to him? Let’s start with that hat....

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hats, Happiness and Kindness

This week is going to be a great week! Why you ask? This is a week like any other 
that starts with a Monday, however it ends with National Happiness Day on March 
20thSPPRAK® loves Happiness almost as much as Kindness so you know it is our 
kind of week. 

Now, to make each day happier a bit brighter we are giving away a happy hat.
Yes, a crocheted hat that is bright and beautiful, like you. When SPPRAK® started we 
thought about what kind of logo to have, how to engage others and of course to 
spread the word about kindness. This is where the hats and sunglasses come in. 

Because the special people in SPPRAK® are not us, it is you, those of you who go 
out and do the acts of kindness that make differences in the world, in lives. Have you 
read the blog about our hats?

Go and give it a read, visit our Facebook and watch here everyday this week for your
chance to win a handmade hat.