Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Blog--One Week In

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! We are all excited about the change of the pages on the calendar. We look at the 365 days in front of us, with hope and anticipation. We also reflect on the 365 days that have past. Today we will talk about those.

While there are a few who have taken their goals from the last year, met them and today are looking back at the past year with happy pride, there are just as many (or more) who have ended one year and began the new one in the same place. This is a new year and the possibilities are limitless and yes, it is in your reach to meet or even exceed your goals.

Before we start down that road today it would be a good day to say a kind word or two to yourself. Why? Because the kindness you show toward others needs to be shown to ourselves. It is not an easy task for some. We judge ourselves harshly, which in turn does lead us to judge others harshly. Why is it some of us have no problem being kind to a stranger on the street, but when it comes to the person in the mirror it is a different story? You know those movies where the person who fails smacks themselves in the head saying stupid stupid stupid? Stop it!

This year kindness starts in that mirror! We need you! SPPRAK has big goals this year and it is going to take each person being special to meet those goals! The person in that mirror is going to be the biggest part in making our goal of building a culture of kindness a reality! So dust off those goals, give yourself a hug and let’s get started on 2014, the year of Kindness!