Monday, June 3, 2013

Different direction blog...

Taking this week's blog in a little different direction! We are going to talk about dreams.
You might want to check out these couple of books written by Jon Acuff: Quitter and Start. Quitter tells you how to quit your day job and live the job of your dreams, and Start gets you going. Both books are big in the SPPRAK world. Our dream and goal is to spread kindness, to make our community a better place. We are excited every day to talk about SPPRAK, and spread the SPPRAK philosophy to everyone we meet. And some we won't ever meet!

Here is an example of part of our journey, the short version:
Read Quitter, book by Jon Acuff.
Attended Jon Acuff’s workshop of same name (well, two SPPRAKers did!). That started some excitement about the SPPRAK goals and gave us a big picture mentally.
Attended book launch for Start: well, we got started! You can plan and plot and make goals all you want but until you START you’re STUCK!
Launched “Be Part of the SPPRAK Pack” program: our philosophy in action!
NBC Nightly News picks up the story and BAM across the nation we go!

We have not gotten to quit our day jobs, still working at those! But we have made HUGE strides toward our goal to spread the SPPRAK word. “Be Part of the SPPRAK Pack” is our latest project toward that goal. Over the last four years we have done many “FUN” raisers and other projects within our community. A few of them have been to help people in other communities. Like many of you are probably also finding out, to reach your dream you will have many steps along the way.

We have also gotten to witness a few dreamers realize their dreams too.  Jon Acuff, START makes the best seller list. Sheri Bertolini writes “My Intentional Life” and starts workshops of the same name. How about you? Want to share your dream with us? Trust us, we will not laugh, we believe in those dreams that make you sweat, that make your heart beat fast and bring on that butterfly feeling! Those are the dreams that you should be dreaming! Feel free to leave your comment!  

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