Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This summer SPPRAK has been busy getting ready to SPPRAK Moore, OK. A project to bring our SPPRAK Pack program to the Moore OK school system. The plan was to drive the banners over and present them to the counselors in the school system.

Well, the time has arrived, bright and early September 7th we were off! Robin styled up her back window  for the occasion, we packed up the 30+ banners, made a stop at Regional Hospital to pick up one SPPRAK Moore banner, which was signed by people in our community who donated, and well wishers, and a last photo op. When you head out on an adventure you have an idea of how it will go, but as usual things come up. It's funny that when SPPRAK heads out, we do try to catch others performing random acts of kindness, the first act of kindness was done to us! A truck driver guided us through the traffic stopped at St. Louis. And as much as our desire was to bless a community because of what they have been through we ended  up the ones who were blessed. This blog starts a series of several blogs about our trip. The reason for more than one blog? There is too much for just one. The stories are too important to just slightly mention. Now our trip is winding down, but we want to share the beginning, when we were so sure ours was the gift, that our program would hopefully mean something to the counselors and administrators, and ultimately the children. These things we will share with you right now. The people of Moore are friendly, welcoming, and ever grateful for the support that they have received and continue to receive. They are amazed that people in Terre Haute, IN and London, France care about something that happened to them. On the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum wall is a statement: "A Day Like Any Other" and that is what May 20th was. It started the same way for all of us, however, it ended very differently for the people of Moore. This fact is the thread that holds us all and begs our attention. Come back and meet Jesse, W and his family, a student at Fairview Elementary who lost a friend at Plaza Towers. Gail S., who is the Director of Student Services, who helped bring the SPPRAK program to Moore, Dr. Robert R, the Superintendent of Moore Schools, Brenda who lost her home, it was the last one standing before "ground zero". You will see that these people are just like us, this could have happened anywhere, we can only hope that our faith and tenacity would help us come back as well as Moore has. Everywhere you see signs that Moore will be OK.




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