Monday, February 3, 2014

Is kindness getting us anywhere?

Do you ever wonder if all the talk of kindness is really getting us anywhere?

It is easy to feel that way, when we see what is going on in the world today, and when we find ourselves, personally, dealing with problems, what difference does a simple kindness do? Add to that those people who seem to have no problems. The people that come and go through our lives, strangers and friends alike, are all going through something. And while these people may continue to fight their battles in private and not share, shouldn't we all just take a few minutes to show a kindness to another?

Take this video of a policeman stopping to play ball with a boy:

Kindness empowers the receiver, it reinforces the belief that someone cares about them. Time is kindness, being present with the person you are with is kindness, smiles, a greeting, a word of encouragement, all kindnesses. We sometimes get hung up on the “big” kindnesses, like keeping the “buy the next person in line's coffee” at Starbucks kindnesses. These are the stuff stories are made of but what kindness is really about is making someone else's life, day or even moment better.

While we at SPPRAK love the stories of great acts of kindness, it is the little acts that make our mission successful. Don't forget to share your stories of kindness on our Facebook page, or with us at http/ .

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