Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How is your company kind hearted?

Here are a few stories about companies that have encouraged their employees to give back as part of their working culture. Our hope is that once you read these you will share the amazing stories of your company or those you know of who have made a difference in your community!

First up, VNA and Hospice of the Wabash Valley. This home care and hospice is based in Terre Haute Indiana and, as a not for profit itself, understands the importance of giving to others. One of the ways they give back is by their monthly Blue Jean Fridays. Employees get to wear jeans, but have to pay $5 to do so. This in turn goes to the charity/nonprofit chosen for donation that month. The original Blue Jean Friday was a fundraiser for Orange Friday, an event that SPPRAK President Robin Heng, helped create. From that beginning in November 2009 through today Blue Jean Friday has resulted in $23,890.24 raised for local charities and occasionally the money has gone to employees in need. Many times, employees will give much more than the $5 required donation, resulting in this being a successful and fun fundraiser for the employees. VNA and Hospice has also been a supporter of SPPRAK since the beginning, and was the drop off point when we collected donations for Harrisburg IL tornado victims. 

Next up is Regional Hospital, part of HCA group based in Nashville TN. HCA is a large corporation and their giving nature makes them even bigger! Terre Haute Regional Hospital is a supporter of SPPRAK, and their mission of kindness. Regional Hospital has adopted the SPPRAK pack program in their facility.  The employees have also donated to our efforts when we traveled to Moore OK and Harrisburg IL. The employees and our friends that work there have risen to the occasion many times, collecting money for Orange Friday, other charities and fellow employees in need.

And last for today, but certainly not least, is Indiana American Water. Apparently this company encourages their employees to give back to the community in which they live and work but letting them have a paid day of service. Now that is putting their money where your heart is! On September 30, they spent time cleaning up a much graffitied fence. Where there was once an eyesore, the employees made an example of helping a property owner reclaim what is his. It is nice to get paid to help out, but the real reward is making a difference paid or not. Check out the pictures and video on our website! Indiana American Water was also instrumental in bringing the SPPRAK pack to the Vigo County Schools. 

Now it is your turn! We want to tell your story, or better yet, have you tell your story! Is your company kind hearted? If yes, please share, if not, well now is a good time to start! No one said the president of the company has to start the trend, it can start with you! Share it, live it, because kindness matters!

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