Monday, April 15, 2013

MIL Workshop with Author Sheri Bertolini!

SPPRAK is sponsoring a workshop featuring author and speaker, Shei Bertolini! She is the author of a little book called My Intentional Life, featured at the workshop of the same name. SPPRAK is very excited about bringing her to Terre Haute on April 27th. The workshop is 9 to 4, and tickets are just $39. Don't wait for the day of the workshop though, tickets may not be available! A copy of her book is included in the ticket price, and the women's group at the church will be providing lunch for a donation, so no one even has to leave the building. Oh, and did I mention door prizes? This is being held at Mount Pleasant Church, 3050 Davis Drive. All the details are on a facebook event here:  ( 

Are you wondering if this is something worth your time? Maybe you have small children, or no children, or just married, not married, share your home with roommates, live alone, empty nesters, well you get the idea! This workshop is for everyone! Here is a short youtube trailer ( And some of what you will learn:
  • Who you are and where you're headed
  • What's important to you – your values and passions
  • How to kick guilt to the curb
  • How to find self-control at the checkout counter
  • How to organize and create calm where there was chaos
  • How to change the culture in your home, bringing you joy, and offering visitors a glimpse of who you are
  • Much, much more
Having read her book, we can say that for sure, there is a lot to this little book and the author, Sheri who has a heart for helping people organize their life! Oh, and she is a professional organizer, check out her website:  

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