Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to our blog! Come visit to see what is going on with SPPRAK! The last few weeks have been crazy! Our SPPRAK PACK program in the Vigo County Schools has begun, and in the process attracted a lot of attention! There are so many people, and businesses that have shown their faith and belief in what SPPRAK is trying to do, spread kindness through our schools and our community! The goal with this project is to change the culture of our schools, one kind word at a time! Check out the launch here: ( ) and ( ) WOW is all we can say right now, but there will be more to come! While we are waiting for the official announcement of that BIG news, how about you sharing your story with us? Our SPPRAK group is looking for your story, a kindness that was done by you or for you! Don't have a story? Well, what a great day to make one! You are in charge of the kindness shown to others, it can even be a family project! We hope the links work, you can also Google us, the stories are right there along with more information about what we do!

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