Saturday, December 21, 2013

Season of Giving

So here we are at the gift giving season! Oh there are other gift giving occasions the whole year long, but none of those have the requirements attached that this season does. And no matter if you believe in the reason for the season, we can all get caught up in the frenzy to get that perfect gift for everyone on our list. Why do we do this to ourselves, to each other? Do you even remember what gift you received last year? How about what you GAVE last year? Did it impact your life, or someone else? Ok that is a pretty tall order for a gift, but it was THE perfect gift! We expect a lot don't we? Well, this season can be a different one for you, your family and the people that come in contact with you! SPPRAK is dedicated to building a culture of kindness, it is, we believe, the perfect gift. How do you say to someone less fortunate than you “Merry Christmas”? You can't solve their life’s problems, but you can make today easier. A warm smile and a few dollars won't change either of your lives in the long run would it? Wait, maybe it would. Because as humans we remember a kindness done for us and by us, even more than the perfect gifts we have received. Because unlike gifts that are things, kindnesses are feelings and those feelings have an impact on our lives. If you need a few suggestions to get your kindness giving season started, SPPRAK has an 11x14 poster, perfect for framing, that lists close to 40 gifts of kindness to share this holiday season. You could even make it a new holiday tradition for your family. Yes, we are hoping on the perfect gift train, with a difference. Change your life and change someone elses and make this a season of giving kindness, a gift that keeps on giving and one that you will remember all year long! Check out for details!  

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