Thursday, December 26, 2013

That Week Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day

This is that week, the one between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Sort of an unofficial holiday in itself. We won't talk about the resolutions just yet, those can wait till the New Year has started, so what to do with this week?

Are you home for the holidays? How about that local food pantry, they could use your help sorting and handing out. Serving meals at the local soup kitchen, or going through all the things you have no need for and giving it away. You can even still get that tax deduction! How about a visit to the local nursing home?

If you are with your family this week and have some extra time to spend on your kindness goals, go and print this poster: (SPPRAK Random Acts of Kindness Checklist poster) and see how many acts of kindnesses you can do between now and the New Year. If you are just you, well, print and see what you can do.

This is not a favorite season for some and there are many reasons. We all know at least one Grinch! But this week in between Christmas and New Year is a week to change some of that. There is really nothing that has to be done, it is a little slower. Grab your Grinch and our list and spread some kindness! Our list and your help might just change the holiday season into one of joy for that person, along with the people who are touched by the acts of kindnesses they are shown.

SPPRAKing knows no season, so today is a good day to join us on our mission to build a culture of kindness! 

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