Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Attention!! Blog With A Twist!!

We are always writing our opinion of what kindness looks like, how to make others feel better and so on. Easy to say right?  How about a link to a kindness story?

Basically it is about 5 friends who travel the country spreading random acts of kindness. They are young, which explains why living in an RV might not be too much of an issue! The reason this is important to SPPRAK? It is the fact that these are more young people living random acts of kindness. The world is not lost to our children, they are well aware that there are issues. The part that they may have trouble with is the ability to find the solution.

We, as human beings, are capable of both extreme heartlessness and extreme kindness. We each have to choose, and while the world out there does need our prayers, it also needs us. You can make a difference where you are, it is up to you to choose what kind of difference you will make. Will you be a positive force in the world, or will you just watch others be negative forces?

The world needs you, the world needs kindness. #kindness matters 

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