Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sharing Kindness at School

Remember the good old days? Sure you do, it is what we talk about constantly, how things have changed, and we seem to focus on what’s wrong not what’s right. But today is our children’s good old days! There have been some changes for the better; today instead of cowering from bullies we refuse to accept that behavior as a right of passage to grow up. 5 year olds can operate an IPad without a second thought, have an app problem? Ask your ‘tween and they will solve it in no time. One problem with today’s world for children and adults alike is the inability to shut off the world. Use to be you could go home and shut your bedroom door and read and dream and escape.

Today that is not nearly so easy for any of us. However, no matter the time we live in, we still want to raise good decent human beings, with compassionate attitudes toward others. The earlier these values are taught (or caught) the better. We all know that a 5 year old is a sponge who wants to learn everything, and will one day be that 15 year old who questions everything. That is a fact no matter the time!

What can we do to help children learn these values? In a way that is non threatening and speaks to the fun side of learning? Shameless plug for our SPPRAK pack program! Colorful kindness notes plastered all over a large banner, what could be more fun? Catching others in the “act” makes for much more compassion than complaining about the youth of today.  Our program is unique in that everyone gets recognized, for simply being kind to another. There may be a citizen of the month, but there will also be a banner full of kindnesses that will continue to grow. We can’t turn back those clocks but we can take advantage of what we know and teach our children about being kind to one another.

Children catch whatever we throw their way, kindness and compassion or hatred, what do you want to be caught? Right now, stop and take a look at our banner program. If you don’t have children of your own, or your children are grown, please do not dismiss this as not including you. There are many schools that would love to have this program that cannot afford the cost. But if you can bless them with one, think of the positive change you can effect. How will you know? Well, SPPRAK follows each school with the program, trust us you will know! 

Get to clicking, watch those videos and share SPPRAK with your friends, because (say it with us) Kindness Matters!

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