Friday, December 12, 2014

As We Mark Our 5th Year

As we mark our the 5th Birthday of SPPRAK! It is hard to believe that we are where we are today. The lessons we have learned from all of you, our fellow SPPRAKers, are amazing. As we reflect on how we started, as a “fun” raiser for the local Light House Mission to collect personal items for the residence there, to our latest completed project (the Kindness Mural on Brown Ave in Terre Haute), we at SPPRAK realize how blessed we are to have embarked on the kindness journey with all of you! 

So, on our birthday we celebrate all of our friends and co harts in the kindness journey. We encourage each of you to continue performing random acts of kindness, and the not so random acts. As always, and especially today, SPPRAK is grateful for each of you and all that you have done! Here’s to many more years for SPPRAK’s mission of kindness!

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