Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Passing On Happy Feelings

Well, St Patrick's Day has come and gone! Listening to the radio yesterday morning the announcer was talking about how St Patrick was not Irish, started out as dressed in blue and instead of parades and green beer the holiday started as a quite religious holiday! Seems the way we celebrate St Patrick's Day is pretty far from that now doesn't it?

How often does that happen in our lives, we start out with one intention and suddenly something else ends up happening. Kindness is like that, you see an opportunity to be kind. It may be something simple such as opening a door, or sharing an encouraging smile. It may be helping an elderly neighbor or co-worker. The kindness that you meant to encourage someone else ends up making your day brighter as well. Hopefully your St Patrick's Day was full of fun, there is nothing like a mid-week holiday to bring down our stress level!

Even though the holiday has come and gone we can celebrate kindness everyday and keep passing on the happy feelings. Oh, and about that leprechaun's hat, don't you wonder what he would look like with one of our bright crochet hats? Green of course!  

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