Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hats off to kindness!

Tuesday blog! Hats off to kindness! Why would you put a hat on anyway?

Well the bright crochet ones that we are giving away will certainly be smile starters. Pop a bright hat on, put your smile on and out the door you go. Isn't it crazy the power of a smile? It can put people at ease, it can start a conversation, it shows that we are happy, we understand and are friendly. That's all pretty amazing, and it doesn't cost a thing! Sometimes we get caught up in trying to come up with monumental acts of kindness when we all have this amazing power to change someone’s day with us constantly. A little smile goes a long way!

Lucky Leprechaun day! Ok, well St Patrick’s Day! Who was this St Patrick and 
why do we have a day devoted to him? Let’s start with that hat....

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